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Gabriel Teninbaum gteninbaum at suffolk.edu
Wed Sep 24 10:11:53 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I'm a new member of the teknoids list-serv and really excited to have found this community.   By way of introduction, in my day job, I am a professor at Suffolk Law, where I teach, among other things, a course on legal tech.  I'm also involved with the work of Suffolk's Institute for Law Practice Technology & Innovation and taking a lead in the law school version of the legal tech audit.  On the side,  I'm also the founder of a start-up seeking to help law students learn through spaced repetition technology, which I think has the potential to revolutionize how students study for exams and the bar (a little plug: the site is www.spacedrepetition.com<http://www.spacedrepetition.com> - if you want a free login to try it, just contact me off line and I'll set you up.  Tell your students!).

A specific discussion question I've been thinking about: I'm very interested in document automation and its ability to transform how law is practiced (I'm co-teaching a course focused on doc automation with Marc Lauritsen, a pioneer in the field, this semester).  I wonder if anyone has ever considered building a github-type system so that those who automate documents can share their work.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Anyone interested in participating in such a project?

All my best,

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