[teknoids] wireless connection from laptop to projector

James Callison callison at hamilton.law.ou.edu
Tue Sep 23 14:53:32 EDT 2014

On 8/26/2014 3:42 PM, Richards, Ed wrote:
> I want to use a laptop in a room with a projector VGA connection on
> the wall. The computer will be on a table in the middle of the room,
> operating on batteries. If I can find a wireless solution to the
> connection for the projector, I can operate without cables to trip
> over. Amazon seems to have several solution, but I am wondering if
> anyone has recommendations.

We're using AppleTVs to some extent for this (and what an "interesting 
experience" *that* has been), and we've also added a Crestron AirMedia 
device to our new conference room to handle non-Apple devices.

The Conference room just came online yesterday (another "interesting 
experience"), so we haven't had much time to see how well AirMedia will 
work in production, but it seemed to work well enough in testing.


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