[teknoids] I'm building a location based legal information and resources app

Elmer Masters elmer at teknoids.net
Fri Sep 19 08:13:27 EDT 2014

Good Morning Teknoids!

My latest nights and weekends project (beyond painting the dining room) is
a web app that uses the geolocation and geocoding features of HTML5 and
devices to determine where you are and provide access to legal resources
relevant to that location. Right now I have a rough prototype that gets
down to the state level. So, if the app determines you are in Ohio it gives
you a set of links for Ohio state legal resources across all 3 branches of
state government.

I know the location feature works for Georgia and a couple of other states
but I could use testing from more corners of the US. This is where you come
in. If you're interested in getting a very early peek at the the web
version of this and helping me test the location features drop me a note
off list and later today I'll send you a link to try it out.

Note: This is not a CALI project.


elmer at teknoids.net
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