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Resotko, John resotko at law.msu.edu
Tue Sep 9 08:24:39 EDT 2014

I confess to being a lurker on this list, posting rarely, and taking full advantage of the collective experience found here. Now I must ask for your help.

The Clinics at the MSU College of Law are embarking on a replacement for our current case management tool, PracticeMaster.  While many of the clinical faculty and staff can tell me what they feel this software does poorly, few have been able to tell me what attributes the perfect case/practice management tool must have to be useful to them.

So, I'm asking this group: if you run a clinical practice at your institution, and you had to find a case management tool, what would be your top five to ten "must have" requirements for that tool?  My goal is to present my clinical faculty and staff with a menu of possible software requirements, and use that to more effectively start the conversation on their wants and needs.

If you want to add your recommendations on specific products, I would certainly welcome those as well.  My main goal is to get a better understanding of what a good case management tool should/must do first, then use that to help the list of requirements that my faculty and staff value before we go shopping for software.  Any thoughts, advice, insights, and opinions would be greatly appreciated.  I thank you in advance for your time.

/John Resotko
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