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Tracey McCartney tracey at fairhousing.com
Wed Sep 3 12:19:08 EDT 2014



My small legal non-profit has been managing clients in a home-cooked Paradox
application since the late 90s.  It still works, but Paradox gets very
temperamental with multiple users on a network.  I would like to upgrade,
but I'm not sure which way to go.  The commercially available client
management platforms like Clio won't work for us because of some peculiar
recording and reporting requirements, so we need something custom-built.


I am considering having a custom Access application done or going with a
web-based system like Drupal/CiviCRM (I've already been in touch with a
developer).  Cost is an issue but not a huge one.


If you were in my position and had some money to spend on a custom client
management system, would you go web-based or use a traditional desktop
database system like Access or Filemaker Pro?




Tracey McCartney

Tennessee Fair Housing Council

107 Music City Circle, Suite 318

Nashville, TN 37214

www.tennfairhousing.org <http://www.tennfairhousing.org> 



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