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This helps a lot, thank you!
As far as the expiration, that's something TBD as we talk with the Clinic administration, though I think we are leaning towards expiring and deleting the account maybe six weeks or one term after the student has left.  While the account is active, but the student is gone, we may use forwarding or journaling to ensure that emails to that clinic account get a response/are filed in Amicus.  Those details we also have to hash out with the Clinic, as we can direct the emails in whatever direction, but someone in the Clinic will have to be the receiver and decision-maker for those emails.



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We have done something similar in a few of our Clinics, we use Time Matters and a few of the Clinic faculty were interested in the email integration.

We have always had separate login accounts for our Clinic students but the request for email only came in a few years ago. Our student email system is hosted Exchange but from staff and faculty email is on-premise. So when we create the Clinic login account, we also create an associated Exchange account.

Our main campus has generic type accounts that we use for this but unfortunately, we have to create the accounts with a "g-" prefix (they are really guest accounts in the system). So the email address shows up as g-username at law.syr.edu<mailto:g-username at law.syr.edu>. We haven't changed the default display names so far.

When we first started doing it, one problem was trying to get Outlook to auto-configure the user's email profile when they logged into a computer for the first time. Eventually, we got that fixed. Another issue was what to do with the email account after the student stopped being a part of the Clinic. We expire the login accounts at the end of the semester but so far we haven't deleted the accounts. If a student has been communicating with a client do you know how long you will be asked to keep that record in case one of the attorneys need to verify something and the student is no longer there?

Our biggest issue is that we restrict our Clinic student accounts so that they can only login using computers in the Clinic office or our remote desktop server. Because of this restriction, they can't access the email on their mobile devices which everyone seems to want to do. It's not a perfect solution and we keep being asked to find ways to make the information available on mobile but still be restricted.

Hope that helps.

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We plan to provide our students with separate email accounts during their time in clinic.  They would keep their Law school account, and then use the clinic email (integrated with Amicus Attorney) strictly for clinic communication.
Has anyone done something similar?   Recommendations on what to do, or to avoid?  We are also interested in what you chose for the email address or the friendly name (did you add a descriptor to either so that external users would know it was from a clinic account?).

Thank you,

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