[teknoids] Recording PowerPoint Presentations

Richards, Ed richards at law.lsu.edu
Thu Mar 20 08:41:56 EST 2014

At least from the site demo, Brainshark seems to be a way to add audio to the presentation. I can do that from PowerPoint itself. I want to have the video window of the speaker plus the window that tracks the slides. I want to be able to stand next to the projected image and point to it things when I am giving the talk, and have that show up.


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Have you looked at Brainshark?
There is a free version and upload the "movie" to youtube.

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I am looking for something cheap/free that will do the talking head/slide view like Panopto, but will output a redistributable file that is not locked to a proprietary server. Expensive might be OK, if there is no good alternative.:-)

Thanks, Ed
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