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Just another strong vote in favor of the KIK Bookeye 4. I purchased 2 a little over a year ago and they have been extremely popular with our students, staff and public patrons. I also like how the interface requires an overt response regarding copyright compliance…

We’ve been happy with DLSG’s service, though not much has been needed since the initial implementation bumps. Good luck!



Beth Williams
Director of the Library & Information Services
Louisiana State University Law Center
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
beth.williams at law.lsu.edu

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We have two KIC Bookeye 4s (http://www.imageaccess.com/dlsg/kic-bookeye4.html) which are incredibly popular. We just ordered the sheet scanner add-ons for both machines. We are planning to purchase another for our move to a new building.

The students (and our attorney/public patrons) love these. They love them so much that we made bigger copyright signs. Also, due to the high level of use we are buying a longer maintenance agreement for the new KIC than we did on the original machine.

Good luck,

Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Associate Dean for Library & Information Services
Associate Professor of Law
Georgia State University College of Law

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Hello Fellow Teknoids,

What scanning solutions are you using at your Law School for students?  I am specifically interested in standalone units which allows students to scan to email, usb, or the cloud.

I found two solutions which look promising.  Does anyone have experience with the following 2 scanners?

Fujitsu  SS N1800 Network Scanner
Canon Scanfront 300 Network Document Scanner

Jewel Makda
Washburn University School of Law
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