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Tracey McCartney tracey at fairhousing.com
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We had this done several months ago.  Honestly, all I wanted was a nice new
Drupal theme for our site, but the company (Horton Web Design) wanted to add
a bunch of functionality, restructure it, etc.  It was a battle of wills
from the word Go.  They also wanted to host it, and I reluctantly allowed
them to for a while until I discovered they weren't keeping the modules
updated.  They even let the Drupal core go unupdated when there was a
security update overdue.


The site's not bad, but it operates in a way I'm not used to because of some
special content modules they decided to use.


My advice: if you are working with a company that doesn't seem willing to
limit their scope of services to what you want, walk away and find someone
else.  They all want to sell you more services than you need.





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We are investigating the potential cost of a web redesign.  We have the
programming and implementation resources in-house, but not necessarily the
artistic and design resources we would like for a full makeover.  Have any
of you recently contracted outside of your university for web design work?
Did you use a local firm, or cast a wider net?  How big was your
undertaking-a ground up solution vs. specific thematic needs? Did your
endeavor end up being more costly than expected?  Do you have any particular
firms that you would recommend?


I understand that a full consulting service/analysis in addition to the art
side of things can be costly-we have plenty of analytics and our own
WordPress development going here, so I am hoping that by only seeking the
design itself it would not be so expensive.


Any suggestions or comments you can provide would be helpful.


Thank you



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