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I know that you asked for information about wireless systems, but I wanted
to mention that we've had good luck deploying capsule mics on the lecterns
to use for input to our Echo360 recording system.

http://www.mxlmics.com/microphones/web-conferencing/AC-404/ - MXL ­ AC404
USB Powered Microphone

Pics from Scott are attached. The quality is not as good as a lav, but the
faculty member doesn't have to remember to do anything, which is a plus.
They are also very inexpensive if one goes missing, which happened to us.

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>Hey gang,
>Fresh from the CALIcon, fully inspired and looking at classroom upgrades.
>Specifically wireless microphone options for presenters. I know that in
>years past at CALIcon in San Diego and Chicago they had pendant style
>wireless microphones
> that draped around the neck for the instructors in the classrooms (if I
>am not mistaken). I am looking for something along those lines. While we
>have used the body pack lavaliere style mics like the ones at Harvard,
>but I am really trying to make it as easy
> and painless as possible for my faculty and feel the pendant style is
>the way to go.
>If you could pass along and info on systems you are using (or have used)
>that would be awesome!
>Tony Anderson
>Manager - Media Services/Copy center
>University of New Mexico - School of Law
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