[teknoids] Wireless classroom microphones

Anderson, Tony anderson at law.unm.edu
Tue Jun 24 17:25:38 EDT 2014

Hey gang,

Fresh from the CALIcon, fully inspired and looking at classroom upgrades. Specifically wireless microphone options for presenters. I know that in years past at CALIcon in San Diego and Chicago they had pendant style wireless microphones that draped around the neck for the instructors in the classrooms (if I am not mistaken). I am looking for something along those lines. While we have used the body pack lavaliere style mics like the ones at Harvard, but I am really trying to make it as easy and painless as possible for my faculty and feel the pendant style is the way to go.

If you could pass along and info on systems you are using (or have used) that would be awesome!

Tony Anderson
Manager - Media Services/Copy center
University of New Mexico - School of Law
(505) 277-5063

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