[teknoids] Recommendations to 1Ls on Tablets? Surface?

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LOL!  I love the metaphor.  I think there should be a CALI or AALL session on "Law School Technology 9 Circles of Hell".  Nominations accepted.


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I was asked to help my father-in-law with his (non-Pro) Surface Tablet.  I believe Microsoft raised Dante from the dead to create a 10th circle of hell for this type of experience.  I essentially had to resort to random swiping so I could generate error messages, the meaning of which I looked up on my laptop.

I've heard the Pro is much better, but the part of my brain that might believe that statement is irrevocably scarred by my go-round with FIL's tablet.

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We do not recommend any kind of tablet to incoming 1Ls.  Our recommendations are pretty much limited to a Dell laptop or an Apple Macbook Pro.

Is anyone suggesting a different primary computing platform?  I am not sure what to think about the Microsoft Surface.  I don't trust 'em ... no other reason but the fact that I know very little about them.  Windows RT is a bit scary to me for the same reason.


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