[teknoids] New addresses for the teknoids list

Elmer Masters elmer at teknoids.net
Mon Dec 29 09:01:18 EST 2014

The teknoids list has been moved to a new server. The move means new
email addresses for dealing with the list.

Here's what you need to know to update your contact lits:

-- sending messages to the list: teknoids at lists.teknoids.net
-- if you want to leave the list: teknoids-unsubscribe at lists.teknoids.net
-- if you want to come back to the list or have your colleagues join:
teknoids-subscribe at lists.teknoids.net
-- to see what commands are available for the list send a message to
teknoids-request at lists.teknoids.net with a subject line that says
help. Just that one word, help, and you'll get a reply with a listing
of available commands.

There is a public facing web page for the list at
http://lists.teknoids.net/listinfo/teknoids that lets you manage your
subscription information including name, email address, and list

I'll have more on the move later today.

Teknoids List Manager.

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