[teknoids] Tools for marking up student papers?

Ginsberg, Deborah dginsberg at kentlaw.iit.edu
Tue Dec 16 17:38:19 EST 2014

One of our faculty members would like to be able to mark up student papers
with both text comments and ink-style markups (to correct grammar
mistakes).  The ideal tool would:

1.  Use a stylus
2.  Allow her to add both kinds of comments at the same time.
3.  Be easy to use.
4.  Work with Word or PDF files
5.  Work on a PC & Mac (iPad would also be ok)

As far as I can tell, the best system for that would be Word 2010 on a
tablet-style PC with a stylus.  She could use Word's revision tools along
with its ink tools.  However, this is not ideal, mostly because she doesn't
have a tablet PC.  She has a Mac, but Word 2011 doesn't have ink tools.

Other options we've considered:

   - The iPad app MarkUp - can easily mark up the grammar, but not add text
   - iPad app Goodreader - Adding massive amounts of comments and text
   isn't easy, and we can't be sure the text comments would print well once
   the students printed their papers (same with iAnnotate)
   - Mac iOS ink tools - I can't get this to work for marking up a Word
   2011 document.  Is there a way to do that?
   - Word 2010 ink Tools with a Wacom - It's a little unintuitive, but this
   is probably the direction she'll try, although Mac would be preferred.  We
   could probably also use 2013, but 2010 is more common here.
   - Adobe Acrobat Pro - too clicky to use to edit.

Am I missing something that would allow her to use Ink tools on a Mac?  Are
there other reliable tools for marking up student papers that we should
consider?  Thank you for your ideas.


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