[teknoids] EZproxy Courses & Tutorials

Tobias Brasier tobias at mailbox.sc.edu
Thu Dec 11 09:26:06 EST 2014

Hi all--

Every so often I am called on to touch our EZproxy implementation; most 
of the time this is to add a resources, and I do fine. Occasionally, I 
touch it an muck something up. This last time I mucked something up, we 
did not understand it was mucked up until a few months after the change 
had been made. With limited success, I've looked around (Googled) for 
EZproxy administration information outside of what OCLC publishes.

So: Does anybody know of a course or tutorial for learning more about 
the guts of EZproxy? Thanks.

    Tobias Brasier
    Director of Web Services
    University of South Carolina School of Law
    701 Main Street
    Columbia, South Carolina 29208
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