[teknoids] Anyone having uploads issues today with SofTest?

Scott C. Filipkowski Scott.Filipkowski at hofstra.edu
Mon Dec 8 15:23:32 EST 2014

Today is our first day of finals here at Hofstra.  We did notice some delays uploading exams that ended around 12:00PM today.  I'd say it took about 10-15 minutes for some of our students to successfully upload while the majority uploaded without issue.

We have over 200 students taking exams right now, the first of which will be done at 4:00PM.  I'm seeing a few successful uploads from students that are done early but the majority still have yet to finish.  If we experience any issues I'll let you all know.

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We had a problem around 1 PM with uploading exams. I spoke to our rep who said the server was up but responding very slowly. It took about an hour for us to successfully upload about 100 exams. This would normally take about 15 minutes for a 1L class to accomplish.

We had no problems starting our 2L exam at 2 PM but I was wondering if anyone is uploading exams at the moment and how they are doing.

Thank you!

Pat Guido
Systems Administrator
CUNY School of Law

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