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We "require" students to type our user agreement into a user agreement exam once each academic year. Typing is optional.

Our exams are proctored by the professors, so we use a separate sheet the student completes with grading ID, course, contact number, and a box to signify they submitted the exam. These are used by student services to reconcile number of exams submitted with number of sheets submitted. Professor do not collect the sheets, thus preserving the myth of anonymous grading.

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Fwiw, we require students to submit the Mock by a certain date to be eligible to use Examsoft for finals.

By the way as a separate question, how are others keeping physical track of users showing up to exams?  The prof has her own roster to indicate basic attendance, but we've always had a separate roster for computer users to sign so that after the fact if there's an exam missing we know whether to look in the handwritten pile or if the student simply forgot to upload.


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Greetings ExamSoft Users,
Thanks to our friend Gary Moore at SC Law, we are all aware of the potential problem with SofTest and Mac Yosemite users.
Gary mentioned that the problem can be discovered beforehand through Mock Exams.
We made these digital signage slides (see attached) to encourage students to take a mock exam before their final.
We are using the GREEN one.  No judgement on those who may choose to use the RED one.
We thought we'd share these with the community for anyone who wanted an easy way to encourage their SofTest users to try mock exams.
If you'd like a layered PSD that you can edit, please email me and I will gladly send you the file.
Hope this helps!
Best Regards,

Michael Vogt
Manager, Instructional Technology
Pepperdine University School of Law
michael.vogt at pepperdine.edu<mailto:michael.vogt at pepperdine.edu>

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