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Hello Everyone, 

Its the third day of exams here at South Carolina.   We ran into an issue with two MAC students, both of whom are using Yosemite.  When they exit a Softest exam (whether actual exam file or mock exam), the dock app doesnt properly load and the screen background continually flashes between a black screen and the users desktop screen.     

So we tried all the normal fixes - rebooted the computer, reset the PRAM, even worked with Examsoft tech support on the problem and tried fixes such as deleting the app.plist file.     The only solution was to create a new user account, then install Examsoft on that (you will also need to give that account  read write permissions to the Softest application folder and the softest.datn file).  

I Googled the problem and It appears to be not just a Softest issue, as the problem has also occurred for users using StuffIt and Google Drive with Yosemite. 

I was wondering if anyone else had come across the problem as well and had a fix for it, besides creating a new user account on the system.  It is user account specific.  Please let me know. 



Gary Moore 

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