[teknoids] RE: Biggest bar exam disaster ever?

Holland, Wes wholland at law.ucla.edu
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Hey All,

I was a Site Captain in California this July and while it is true that ExamSoft had communications issues for upload on the evening of Tuesday the 29th, it was resolved by the next day and folks were able to upload without problems.  I spoke to their technical staff and they said they had some problems with some of their communications providers and were working to resolve it.

Most BAR sites will give applicants a day or two to upload so it really wasn't an issue other than the initial "OMG, I can't upload right this second!!!" folks.

Biggest disaster ever???  I think not.


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Yes Daniel... and that was when most of us decided to switch to Examsoft!   I will be curious to see what happens to Examsoft as a result of this...

BTW, It made it to foxnews....


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  This is very bad.  But I remember one worse.  In July 2007, the New York bar exam had a software glitch and lost all or part of the essays.  Some were recovered, some were unrecoverable.
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