[teknoids] An interesting summer opportunity for a student/undergrad student worker/ other IT person

John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
Thu May 30 00:35:11 EDT 2013

Count me in - I am quitting CALI to join the Opera!

I require ONLY brown Reese Pieces for breakfast and diet Mountain Dew in my
personal fridge.

I won't help ANYONE install Design-a-saurus on their PC unless there is a
serious amount of Patron XO (the one that tastes like coffee liqueur)

If anyone asks for help unjamming their printer, something else is going to
get jammed.

Call me maybe!


On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 10:44 AM, Thomas R. Bruce <tom at liicornell.org>wrote:

> Folks:
> I've just gotten a call from an old friend who runs an opera company in
> Cooperstown, NY (see http://glimmerglass.org ).  She's looking for an IT
> intern for the summer; they just lost one to a family crisis.
> The company is an excellent one -- probably the second-best-known summer
> opera festival in the US, after Santa Fe -- and has some interesting turns
> and twists for an IT person.  First, of course, it's an opera company, and
> IT support for a bunch of designers and costume people is a whole different
> kettle of fish; too, all the financial and business systems look different
> (box office is the student printing of opera, if you see what I mean).
>  Second, they're an even more seasonal operation than a law school -- they
> go from 20 employees to over 250 in about a month, ranging from singers to
> craftspeople, administrators, musicians, and so on.  Third, the environment
> is interesting -- because Cooperstown is such a tourist destination for
> baseball and baseball camps, they're compelled to provide their own
> housing, which means that they also have to provide net access in some very
> out of the way places in rural New York.
> In short, this could be a hell of a lot of fun.  And they need somebody
> right now.  It's the right job for somebody who's been doing frontline
> support, has a good background in network troubleshooting, and a flexible
> outlook.
> E-mail Linda Jackson (some of you know her) at ljackson at glimmerglass.org, or Andi Lyons at
> alyons at glimmerglass.org .
> I can provide further background if you like.  BTW, they are probably
> going to be looking for an IT director soon, but the search will not likely
> launch until after the season.
> All the best,
> Tb.
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