[teknoids] Easy (I hope) Drupal 7 question

Nathan DeGruchy ndegruchy at fcsl.edu
Mon May 20 15:35:16 EDT 2013


Is there a reason you're not using the core upload module? It does exactly
what you're looking for and behaves in a predictable manner. If it's a
matter of styling it or changing how it outputs, you can customize it
through templates.

As far as answering your question, I would look at, and forgive me - I'm
on Drupal 6 with CCK, make sure the field is set to be displayed.


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On 05/20/13 03:30 PM, "Tracey McCartney" <tracey at fairhousing.com> wrote:

>I am sort of new to Drupal 7 and am trying to figure out the new method
>for attaching files to pages (no more separate Upload core module).
>I have added a File field to the Basic Page content type. I have checked
>the boxes for "Enable Display field" and "Files displayed by default." I
>have several allowed file extensions defined. I left File Directory and
>Maximum Upload Size blank for now, as those are defined elsewhere.
>I have since created a new Basic Page to which I attached a document,
>and "Include file in display" is checked. I know the document uploaded,
>because I can find it in the correct directory using FTP or my cpanel's
>file manager.
>However, when one views the actual page, either logged in or anonymous,
>the file attachment does not show. *Weirdly, the node preview looks
>fine*. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
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