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I'd like to follow-up on a thread from Will's survey post and ask about citation managers and where they 'fit' in the curriculum.

I gave a research management presentation in  a seminar last term and it was well received. I covered EndNote/RefWorks/Mendeley and advanced google searching. The presentation came at the point in the semester where the students have had topics approved but before they began research. The response was good although a couple of 3l's asked why they didn't learn this earlier in their school careers. I'm not sure where it fits best to benefit the students the most.

One of the problems with introducing 'productivity' tools in the first year is that skills acquired aren't reinforced by the curriculum. This may be institutional, but I suspect it is not just us. Using citation management as an example, a writing section may expose students to it, but your study buddies or ASP leaders may not be familiar or advocate using it. The best fit would be to incorporate these tools with research, however, being fluent in the latest big vendor 'features' takes most of the time.

FWIW - I also hadn't heard of qigga until now. I am looking for something to take Mendeley's place and this may be just the thing. It doesn't look like any US schools have produced any libguides or reference pages for qigga, although NY Metro has one:

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