[teknoids] RE: Suggestions for 1L Technology Survey?

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The June Qigga release added Bluebook citation support.



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I would like to know if they are using citation managers such as Endnote, or more advanced PDF management and annotation solutions like Qiqqa. These are becoming standard research tools in graduation education outside of law. Annotation managers such as Qiqqa provide an excellent solution to annotating, referencing, and storing legal references such as cases and articles. This would allow students to create a system to  accumulate research materials during law school and smoothly transition them into practice.


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Hello Everyone,

For the past several years, we've surveyed our incoming 1Ls regarding their technology ownership and use.  We also recently began asking students about their experience with and disposition towards online learning.  But I'm wondering if we ought to be more ambitious or if we ought to reconsider our approach.

Do any of you have thoughts or opinions on this?  What do you or would you want to know of your incoming 1Ls?  Please feel free to visit the survey below or consult the attachment.  I'm also happy to share a copy of the survey as a Qualtrics .qsf file if anyone would like to import and modify it.




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