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Norwood, Randy randy.norwood at ttu.edu
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Our law school's administration would like to more systematically track students' attendance at various required or extracurricular events. We can assume/expect that all students will have their student IDs, which have their identities encoded in barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID chips. The general idea is that an event "gatekeeper" would swipe or scan a student in to the event, and then possibly scan them out again when they leave.

Our university's ID office has developed a device consisting of a Windows tablet and an attached magnetic card stripe reader. Their programmer has written a companion Windows-forms application in .NET. It allows offline work (in case you are out of Wi-Fi range), provides some validation, and can export the current attendance roll to a USB drive. They will loan it to us if needed, but we'd also like to find a more permanent solution.

I wanted to see what others are doing along these lines, whether you're using a home-grown or commercially procured solution. Please describe it and how well it meets your needs, and what features you think are the most useful and necessary. Is it fast and reliable?


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