[teknoids] TWEN and electronic resource links

Elmer Masters emasters at cali.org
Thu Jul 11 10:10:13 EDT 2013

Hi Wilhelmina.
I have a question. What do mean when you say "deliver electronic
resources"? I'm not sure if you mean just provide a set of links to
things or if you want to embed parts of vendor websites in a page for
your students. Or is it something else?

In any case, using a learning management system like TWEN or
Blackboard can present a challenge. Most LMSs strive to keep students
and faculty contained inside the LMS by doing things like opening
links to web resources inside of frames that keep the LMS wrapper
visible and interfering with cookies set by outside sites. You may
want to take a look at CALI Classcaster, http://www.classcaster.net/,
as a lighter weight alternative.

Because Classcaster is built on the Wordpress blogging system it is
easier to use and doesn't try to capture students and faculty. It
would work for providing links to resources. Embedding resources such
as search forms may be a bit difficult, but could be done.

CALI Classcaster is available to folks at CALI member schools as part
of their membership. If you have questions about using Classcaster,
just drop me a note.


On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Wilhelmina Randtke <randtke at gmail.com> wrote:
> I haven't used TWEN to deliver content much at all.  Before the semester
> starts, I need a way to deliver stable electronic resource links to students
> and faculty.  Due to some recent changes, the campus website isn't an option
> in the near future.  The CMS reformats things, as CMSes are wont to do, and
> that caused some access issues over the summer.
> TWEN seems like something that students and faculty are aware of and already
> use.  All the professors use it, and most questions about Westlaw toward the
> beginning of a semester center around getting access to TWEN.
> However, I have heard TWEN also isn't so great for providing links, and will
> sometimes reformat things.
> Has anyone used TWEN to try to deliver electronic resources?  What are the
> types of issues that might come up with the TWEN cms reformatting things?
> Am I good to just post something like a simple list of databases and links
> that pass through a proxy server?  Am I good to try to insert search forms,
> and more interactive material?
> -Wilhelmina Randtke
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