[teknoids] Need a favor, quick

Thomas R. Bruce tom at liicornell.org
Sun Jul 7 06:06:32 EDT 2013


I've been handed a database created using MS SQL Server, in whatever 
proprietary, binary dump format it uses.  For reasons too complicated to 
go into here, the originator can neither convert it nor re-dump the 
database in something more reasonable (like ASCII SQL statements).  I 
don't know a thing about MS SQL, but a quick Google/StackOverflow 
session shows that you can in fact dump ASCII SQL using MickeySoft's 
Management Studio.   Anybody out there willing to take this thing, put 
it up from the dump, and re-dump as ASCII SQL?  Problem is, it's sort of 
time critical, and I need the results ASAP and in no case later than 
noon Monday.

It's a dumb, lame story, but it's all I got.  Any assistance welcome.

All the best,
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Thomas R. Bruce
Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School
tom at liicornell.org / @trbruce
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