[teknoids] Odd question about post-it wall pads

Bohl, Phillip C. Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu
Thu Feb 21 17:53:35 EST 2013

Hello all,

I have a request for a better solution for our folks that use the large post-it sheets in trainings and brainstorming sessions.  You know, the giant post-it notes?

These pads are typically clipped to a rickety easel and really aren't that wonderful to deal with.

I see that 3M has a large pad that uses "command" adhesive to stick the whole pad to the wall.  I also see that this pad is a bit smaller than what we are used to working with (let's not have any format changes eh?).

Has anyone seen a commercially available product that you can mount to the wall to hold the pad in place — I suppose it would be an easel clip screwed into the wall?

If not, we'll have to approach the topic of changing the pad sizes … terrible, I know. ;-)


Pepperdine Law

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