[teknoids] Older firewire miniDV camera on a newer MacBook Pro

Elmer Masters emasters at cali.org
Fri Apr 26 16:34:32 EDT 2013

Hi Nefeli,
I total get what your getting at here and I could probably get it to
work, but I'm hoping for a simpler approach for this particular
application. I need to be able to put a laptop and camera into a room
and fire them up, streaming the video to YouTube.


On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Soteriou, Nefeli <soteriou at buffalo.edu> wrote:
> Sometimes old technology and new simply does not work.
> But try this, if you are into experimenting.
> You may combine an old visual source to another to the new mac,
> Take the signal out from the old source to another source to reach to the
> computer.
> Does that make sense? Hope it helps
>  -nefeli

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