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As I am not actually a member of IT, I cannot give much info, but I know that at IU we have the same policy toward Dropbox.  However, IU contracted with Box.com for a special license of their product, because it does meet our security standards.  Here's an article<http://kb.iu.edu/data/bbox.html> about IU's Box service.

Ashley Ahlbrand
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Good morning tech-savvy friends~

We've just gotten word from our IT Pro that we are no longer allowed to use Dropbox on university machines, due to the vulnerability described here:  http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/security/dropsmack-using-dropbox-to-steal-files-and-deliver-malware/9332

A couple of questions for those of you in the know~

(1)   Can you avoid the vulnerability by using Dropbox from its website, rather than synchronizing with the desktop application?

(2)   Are some of you using similar products or processes that don't seem to raise the same concerns (for convenient file storage and transfer)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or insight. This is an area I'm not very familiar with.


Resa Kerns
Associate Law Librarian for Emerging Technologies
School of Law Library
kernsr at missouri.edu<mailto:kernsr at missouri.edu>

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