[teknoids] Around the blogs: Inexpensive NAS and an LVI2012 roundup

Richard Abbott rabbit at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 14 20:03:53 EST 2012

A tip: look very carefully at the peer-to-peer networking capabilities of these consumer-level NAS devices.  

Most all contain functions labeled "download station" or "download machines" which are really just bittorrent clients.  I recently consulted on a situation involving unexpected p2p activity detected on a NAS device.  Nobody at the time realized the device had bittorrent capabilities and so the activity was quickly labeled a "possible intrusion of stored PII".  Legal bills, possible reporting requirements, my consulting fee ... there was nothing cheap about this drive.

So rather than purchase a general purpose NAS device, consider a more customizable device that will let you to totally remove or disable those functions you do not need. 


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Good morning Teknoids.
A couple of interesting blog articles have crossed my browser in the
past few days and I though I'd share.
Ben Chapman has an interesting article, "Synology – Good inexpensive
NAS + Remote backup solution", that provides a review of as well as
some implementation pointers for the Synology DS1511+ Diskstation NAS
device. After all couldn't we all do with some network attached
storage? See the complete post at http://elide.us/1f.
Sarah Glassmeyer posts a good round up of the recent festivities at
Law via the Internet 2012, "Ones to Watch", that highlights some of
the presentations that she found most impressive and worth keeping an
eye going forward. (Full disclosure: my talk on CourtCloud is on the
list.) Key quote: "Librarians [and Teknoids] need to stop waiting to
be invited to the Open Law party and just accept the fact that we’re
going to have to crash it." Read the full post at http://elide.us/1g.


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