[teknoids] Q re permanently installed student response/polling systems

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The only time I have ever seen the hard wired response devices was about  20 or so years ago.   Don't know if you could find them anymore.   There was a company called audience response systems which used to do this back around 1998, but  I believe they are all wireless now.

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Hey folks~
I have a faculty member who has inquired about having polling devices (like clickers or response cards) permanently wired and installed at each seat in classrooms.  Is anyone doing this, or have you heard of anyone doing this? (and if you've seen this done, vendor names would be very helpful!)

Even if you have seen it done... what are your thoughts? I'm pretty skeptical about this being an effective solution, but want to keep an open mind. Any thoughts you have will no doubt be helpful in responding to the faculty member.

Thanks in advance!

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