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Unless I'm misunderstanding the problem and the desired end result, this should be very easy.  I had the same issue where our law review wanted to register cumberlandlawreview.com, .org and .net, then have those redirect to http://cumberland.samford.edu/lawreview.  I did this at the registrar, by leaving the nameservers set to the registrar, and having the registrar forward the new domain to the URL I wanted.

If your registrar doesn't offer forwarding, switch to hover.com as they do.

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I have an...interesting...conundrum. We have a domain for one of our Law Reviews, and they'd like to publish it in the upcoming edition. Right now, that domain (ailr.net) is pointed at our main domain, so when you go to www.ailr.net, you see our main site (www.law.ou.edu). The Law Review has a set of pages in our Drupal CMS, so they'd like to have www.ailr.net go to their main page in the CMS (insert annoyingly long URL here).

I can do this using RewriteRule in a VitualHost directive for www.ailr.net, but that ends up redirecting *everything* on the server that doesn't match what's in the ServerName directive; given that there are lots of names you can use to get to our Web server (including a mobile "subdomain" for the mobile version), it looks like I'd have to set up multiple VirtualHosts to go that route.

F'rinstance, the main "ServerName" is www.law.ou.edu, and we want
	www.ailr.net to forward to www.law.ou.edu/biglongURL, so I have the following inside a VirtualHost directive with ServerName
	RewriteRule ^/$ http://www.law.ou.edu/biglongURL [R=301,L] This works great for www.ailr.net, but it also redirects http://law.ou.edu/ to the AILR main page. I don't think the AILR editors would mind that, but I think our communications director might have a tiny problem with it. :-)

So do any of y'all know how I could do this with mod_rewrite and without VirtualHost--or how I could use VirtualHost without redirecting all traffic to our main site's alternate names to the "American Indian Law Review's" page?

Also, we have a bunch of stuff in the httpd.conf (like RewriteRules to deal with previous URL changes); if I have to add the VirtualHosts for our alternate DNS names, how much of that stuff has to be added for the virtual hosts?



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