[teknoids] Apache redirection question

Adamiec, Lawrence Ladamiec at kentlaw.edu
Wed May 9 14:24:39 EDT 2012


Have you tried this:

<VirtualHost IP>
  ServerName www.ailr.net
  DocumentRoot /physical/path/name/to/SomeBigLongURL
 Other stuff you want to put in

If that doesn't work, please post the complete LongURL.


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> All,
> I have an...interesting...conundrum. We have a domain for one of our
> Reviews, and they'd like to publish it in the upcoming edition. Right
> now, that domain (ailr.net) is pointed at our main domain, so when you
> go to www.ailr.net, you see our main site (www.law.ou.edu). The Law
> Review has a set of pages in our Drupal CMS, so they'd like to have
> www.ailr.net go to their main page in the CMS (insert annoyingly long
> URL here).
> I can do this using RewriteRule in a VitualHost directive for
> www.ailr.net, but that ends up redirecting *everything* on the server
> that doesn't match what's in the ServerName directive; given that
> are lots of names you can use to get to our Web server (including a
> mobile "subdomain" for the mobile version), it looks like I'd have to
> set up multiple VirtualHosts to go that route.
> F'rinstance, the main "ServerName" is www.law.ou.edu, and we want
> 	www.ailr.net to forward to www.law.ou.edu/biglongURL,
> so I have the following inside a VirtualHost directive with ServerName
> www.ailr.net:
> 	RewriteRule ^/$ http://www.law.ou.edu/biglongURL [R=301,L]
> This works great for www.ailr.net, but it also redirects
> http://law.ou.edu/ to the AILR main page. I don't think the AILR
> would mind that, but I think our communications director might have a
> tiny problem with it. :-)
> So do any of y'all know how I could do this with mod_rewrite and
> VirtualHost--or how I could use VirtualHost without redirecting all
> traffic to our main site's alternate names to the "American Indian Law
> Review's" page?
> Also, we have a bunch of stuff in the httpd.conf (like RewriteRules to
> deal with previous URL changes); if I have to add the VirtualHosts for
> our alternate DNS names, how much of that stuff has to be added for
> virtual hosts?
> AdvTHANKSance!
> James
> James P. Callison, MCP+I, MCSE
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> The University of Oklahoma Law Center ITS
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