[teknoids] Common Error on Our Law Websites - Juris Doctor, not Juris Doctorate

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison esteele at hawaii.edu
Fri Jul 27 05:31:47 EDT 2012

Aloha Fellow Teknoids!

This post is geared toward the web content managers among us.

I just finished a project for our pre-law advising center.  The project
required me to visit all ABA-approved law school websites (Phew!). In the
process, I noticed that many of us use the terms *juris doctor* and *juris
doctorate* interchangeably.  The correct term for a professional law degree
is *juris doctor* or doctor of jurisprudence (but never *juris doctorate*).
I learned this the hard way.

You may want to search your law school website for the error by Googling
"site:(insert your school URL here) "juris doctorate"" -- ex, site:
www.law.hawaii.edu "juris doctorate."  In the interest of full disclosure,
I am going back and forth with our university webmaster to stamp out a few
pesky juris doctorates on our university website.

For a great discussion of the *juris doctor*/juris doctorate conundrum*, *check
out"JD is the Degree," a blog post by Sarah Zearfoss, Senior Assistant Dean
for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Planning at the University of
Michigan Law School - http://www.law.umich.edu/connection/a2z/Lists/Posts/

Teknoids - We're awesome!

A hui hou,

*Elisabeth Steele Hutchison
**Director of Admissions & Special Projects
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