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Elmer Masters emasters at cali.org
Wed Jul 25 09:38:07 EDT 2012

I came across an article that examines the legal ramifications of BYOD
(bring your own device) in the Corporate Counsel section of law.com at
http://cca.li/ks. Integrating phones and tablets, personal or
business, into an organization's network is certainly going to be a
hot topic going forward. My sense is that it going to have a much
larger impact than laptop policies and will even influence laptop and
general access policies.

I would like to see a good presentation (or 2) on MDM and BYOD at
CALIcon13, it's never too early to get started. Any takers? 11 months
of lead time should allow for some pretty good analysis and
development on the topics.


On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 4:26 PM, Johnson, Cyndi <johnson at law.unm.edu> wrote:
> Just to clarify…I’m looking into mobile device management. First problem is
> defining what we want/need. They all provide remote wipe but what about
> application control? IMO, we can’t stick our heads in the sand and continue
> to treat them like they don’t exist. At this point, we don’t really do any
> true “management” even on law school-issued cell phones. I talk to people
> about being able to do a remote wipe on their phone but should we be worried
> about people accessing the network with devices that we aren’t even aware
> of?

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