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We use Turnitin also, but faculty are not thrilled with it, as it takes some manipulation to properly interpret the results, plus it’s very slow and tends to freeze computers every now and then.  Checking the papers can be time consuming.  We ended up having to appoint an administrator to run it for some of the faculty members whose courses really needed plagiarism checking but who weren’t happy about doing it themselves.   The administrator has to read through the papers to check for mistakes—such as when the student has failed to close a quotation mark properly or when the system catches a citation or an index of authorities and reports that this is all plagiarism before the professor gets the final report.  We tried to use TAs for this, but it wasn’t effective because it takes some familiarity with the system, and needs some uniformity across courses to be fair.  So having one administrator check it for most of the courses that use it was a better solution.


A drawback is that we were told that it doesn’t check documents against Lexis or Westlaw, although sometimes we have noticed that it catches Lexis documents anyway.  


An advantage is that it integrates with Blackboard or Moodle.


But another drawback is that, unless you are using a Moodle or Blackboard integration, it doesn’t allow the administrator of the Turnitin program (presumably someone in IT) to see what the professor sees in order to easily trouble shoot for professors.  The only way to do that is to ask the professor for his password and log in with his name.


Some students rather like it though as they can, if the professor or administrator sets the assignment up to do so, check their document themselves and eliminate any potential problems before the paper is submitted for grading.  It also has an integrated grammar, usage and punctuation checker called ETS E-rater, which is also rather slow but is handy for writing teachers and those teaching foreign LLM students.  Plus it has a peer grading facility that some writing teachers like for creative group assignments.  








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Folks seem to think it's fine though I think my colleague who runs this for us has some concerns.

Phillip Bohl

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Thanks Phil.  Our university has a license for this product, as well but I'm not sure if it is a site license or not.  I am looking into it.  Have your faculty been happy with the product?


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We use Turnitin under a university-wide agreement.



Pepperdine Law


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What are you using for plagiarism checking software?


Our institution has some faculty using Lexis/Nexis’ Blackboard which has a plagiarism checking feature to it but the students strongly dislike the product.  So, I am trying to find an alternative for the plagiarism checking piece.


Any ideas?



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