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Jonathan Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Tue Jul 3 10:58:35 EDT 2012

I've got a basic working system that we used to live-stream our commencement ceremony last month.

I haven't found any one good source for learning yet-just a lot of google searches and pouring through the MS blogs/forums/documentation. The convolution for me comes from having to learn to administer the media services/presentation via IIS and HTTP/XML.

Here's my quick points as to the advantages/disadvantages vs. Media Streaming server:

Advantages: GPU accelerated encoding enables an 'average'  laptop with Intel HD graphics to encode a live presentation in up to 8 different bitrates simultaneously (I saw about 8% CPU per stream). H.264 encoding enables us to make the stream accessible to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc... IIS Streaming server enables DVR-like pause/rewind for live presentations.

Disadvantages/unimproved features: Limited (native) support for live input sources-e.g. no HDV firewire or  ability to accept streaming video as inputs. The IIS prerequisite can add significantly to the learning curve for setting up a basic media server.

Three things that I learned that might be helpful: 1. Before using Expressions encoder at all, upgrade it to the latest service pack-currently SP2-as reliability and features have been much improved. 2. If you do want to feed another stream into Expressions encoder, you may be able to get it to work by using a DirectShow filter program. These products make any compatible video stream appear as a webcam in Expressions encoder. 3. Android OS's < 3.0 (i.e. most Android phones) do not understand smooth streaming or HTTP live streaming natively; however I did get it to work by enabling the iOS streaming feature and installing a simple app from the google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solbox.hlsplayer
I have only glanced at the IIS transform manager and re-encoding old files for smooth streaming, so I can't give any real world advice on that as of yet.

Jon Larson
Multimedia Systems Administrator
University of Washington School of Law

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We're trying to switch from a MS Media Streaming server to a new MS Smooth server but this new ecosystem (with Expression Studio) seems much more convoluted than necessary. Does anyone have this working in their location or know of a good resource for learning this technology?

We're a Microsoft shop so we'd rather keep with this line of products but if others have a better suggestion I'll certainly open!


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