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Wiseman, Kim kwiseman at richmond.edu
Wed Feb 29 14:38:32 EST 2012

I know we may be one of the few students who still say re require a laptop computer – and I have a support question for the masses.

For years and years, we offered a package students could purchase with their financial aid money right from a vendor we had pre-selected (and a package we had put together).  Two years ago, we disbanded the "Option 1" package, and basically give students what we consider minimum specs.  Our loaner pool was always populated by laptops that we got from the Vendor – for every 25 laptops purchased, we received one for the loaner pool.

We are about to graduate our last Option 1 class – and now we're evaluating whether we should even have an inventory of loaner laptops.  I know that students will argue "well, if you REQUIRE me to have a laptop for school, I should have the option of borrowing one if mine craps out" (which is an argument I don't give any credence to) but I was wondering about other school's policies about such things.

Thanks in advance for advice and insight.


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