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Hi all. I'm a reporter with Law Technology News. (Don't panic: I only read
this list for enlightenment; nobody's being quoted without permission.)

Chiming in now because this thread reminds me of a story I wrote in June,
about Harvard Law School banning the Osborne portable computer 30 years ago.

Our stories go behind a Lexis paywall after six months -- nothing I can do
about that, sorry -- but here's the link anyhow:


- Evan

On 12/17/12 3:49 PM, "Loftus Becker" <lofty at me.com> wrote:

> Well, for years I took exams on a typewriter. That wasn¹t a computer either.
> But I liked it. And believe me, the faculty grading my exams were grateful I
> didn¹t write by hand.
> I have students whose only electronic devices are an iPad and a telephone. At
> least one of them took her exam on her iPad, and did just fine. (She did have
> a keyboard to use.) I probably found it easier to grade than I would have
> found a handwritten one.
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> On Dec 17, 2012, at 3:42 PM, "Wiseman, Kim" <kwiseman at richmond.edu> wrote:
>> This is going totally off subject and for that I apologize, but who would
>> want to take an exam on an iPad??  (I'm as apple as they come, but
>> really??  It's NOT a computer).


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