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Marian Dent mdent at pericles.ru
Mon Dec 17 03:29:24 EST 2012

Here is Russia we gave up trying to use US commercial exam software for that
reason, and we had our IT manager write a simple program that just installs
on a student's desktop, times the exam that we hand out on paper, blocks
access to any other programs while the exam software is running, prevents
them from saving to anywhere except their desktop, and encrypts the exam
when it saves.  The drawbacks are we have to install and uninstall it on
each computer before and after the exam, and remove the exam from their
desktops manually. Someone who had some time to explore the program at home
could figure out how to crack it fairly easily, but we are banking on the
fact that our students are basically honest and anyway are probably not
going to try to waste time figuring out how to crack the program during the
exam.  Our newest problem is that it doesn't work on tablets, but so far we
have been lucky because our students with IPads and Android tablets seem to
also have old laptops hanging around that they can bring in for exams.

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> With the growing problems that we're encountering running Examsoft on
> foreign laptops I wondered what other schools are doing for their LLM
> students. Do you offer loaner laptops or just make it a requirement to
> have an English OS?
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> On 12/16/12 1:07 PM, "Maribel Olvera"
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> Reid,
> ExamSoft is not planning to officially support foreign laptops at this
> point. We are currently working on supporting iPads in 2013. Our focus
> for
> the next 2 years is US based customers and the number of users with
> non-English laptops is very limited.  We know that many bar exam takers
> have
> foreign laptops and are able to use SofTest without any issues, as you
> have
> identified. However, we officially don't support non English versions
> and we
> cannot recommend their use. Most of our clients have laptop
> requirements for
> their exam takers, which include English Operating Systems.
> We understand your needs, but supporting multiple languages requires an
> enormous amount of work for development and testing efforts. Taking on
> such
> an endeavor might deviate our attention from properly supporting our
> current
> users, and it's not aligned with our current 2-year roadmap. We hope
> you
> understand this decision.
> Regards,
> Maribel
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> Subject: Re: Forgeign laptops
> Hey Beverly,
> So the English language pack doesn't make a difference in terms of
> support?
> Other schools allow all of their foreign students to borrow laptops? We
> have begun to discuss various solutions for our LLM students, but the
> idea of letting them borrow laptops seems pretty expensive. Out LLM
> class is generally 80-90 students. That's a lot of laptops to purchase
> and loan out. Are you aware of any other methods other law schools use?
> Irvine has not established a LLM program yet, but has come to us with
> questions about our current problem. I would like to be able to provide
> accurate information. Does your company have any plans to support
> foreign laptops?
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> On Dec 16, 2012, at 7:55 AM, "Beverly Mindle"
> <bmindle at examsoft.com<mailto:bmindle at examsoft.com>> wrote:
> Hello Reid,
> Thank you for checking in.  Currently we do not support any foreign
> Operating Systems.  If you have found a way to use a foreign OS to
> work, then feel free to use that method as a work around.  Other
> schools will also allow students to borrow a laptop from the school.
> If you have additional questions, please let me know.
> Best regards,
> Beverly Mindle
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> On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 7:14 PM, Iwane, Reid
> <REID at law.ucla.edu<mailto:REID at law.ucla.edu>> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if ExamSoft has any plans to support foreign laptops?
> I overheard someone saying that foreign laptops with the English
> language pack are supported.  Can you confirm or deny this? The only
> downside would be the requirement for Windows Professional or
> Enterprise to run the language packs.
> The reason I bring this up is our LLM students.  How do other schools
> that are using ExamSoft support their LLM students?  We have been able
> to get SofTest running on most foreign laptops by running it in
> compatibility mode (XP Service Pack 2).  We also discovered that the
> eswinsr tool does not work on foreign laptops because it references
> "Users" and "Groups," which do not show up as the English words "Users"
> and "Groups."
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