[teknoids] Bedework, Ubuntu server, & JBOSS

Tobias Brasier tobias at mailbox.sc.edu
Tue Dec 4 12:33:19 EST 2012

Hi all--

I'm trying to set up Bedework on Ubuntu Server 12.10. I believe I have 
all components installed for the Quickstart, but the JBOSS process never 
starts (it is killed after a while). Oddly enough, I was able to get the 
Quickstart running on a MacBook Pro in fairly short order (please don't 
ask, I don't know why I tried this).

Does anybody have recommendations, I'm happy to hear them. Many thanks.

    Tobias Brasier
    Director of Web Services
    University of South Carolina School of Law
    701 Main Street
    Columbia, South Carolina 29208
    tobias at mailbox.sc.edu | v 803-777-5247 | f 803-777-5247

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