[teknoids] Universal Laptop AC Adapters

Wiseman, Kim kwiseman at richmond.edu
Mon Dec 3 18:12:24 EST 2012


The googles are failing me with what I'm trying to research, so I thought
I'd just turn to the experts.

Our students would like us to lend ac adapters.  Our students have every
type of computer imaginable.  (I'd like for them just to bring their
adapters, but I digress).  I was asked to do some research on price, etc.
which is easy enough, but all the adapters come in different wattages,  I
imagine if someone with a netbook borrows a 120V adapter, they're putting
their motherboards in jeopardy.

I'm of the opinion this is a very bad idea - but I'm not finding any
studies, articles, etc. to support my argument.  Nor am I finding anything
to suggest that it's a-ok for anyone to plug in an adapter into their
computer as long as it fits.  We're talking PC's - I know Macs are a whole
'nuther demon, but I know what I'm dealing with on that end.

If you all loan universal adapters, how do you handle the wattage issue?
Or is this really not an issue?

Any/all advice and information is very much appreciated.


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