[teknoids] ForTheRecord - any experts willing to answer a few questions?

Glen McBeth glen.mcbeth at washburn.edu
Mon Dec 3 14:02:02 EST 2012

I can't answer your question.  But I get a lot of cop/security cam DVDs 
to convert.  I only succeed about 80% of the time and have to send them 
back.  It's frustrating, and I suspect they do it on purpose.

On 12/3/2012 12:54 PM, Kealey,Chad V wrote:
> One of our clinics got a CD with about a dozen FTR files on it and I 
> was asked to convert them to a more ubiquitous format (MP3).  I've got 
> the required software to listen to them and convert to WMA (The Record 
> Player and The Record Manager, respectively), but it seems like it's 
> not recognizing all of the files.  In other words, I've got 11 FTR 
> files in a folder, but when I point the player to that folder, it's 
> only showing two "sessions."  I /think/ this might be because a 
> session can span multiple files (based on the fact that 10 of the 
> files are all about the same size (3,685 KB, give or take 1 KB).  Can 
> someone confirm that this is the case?  I left a voicemail with their 
> customer support line, but I thought someone out there in Teknoids 
> land might be familiar with this application/file type.
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