[teknoids] ForTheRecord - any experts willing to answer a few questions?

Kealey,Chad V kealey at drexel.edu
Mon Dec 3 13:54:27 EST 2012

One of our clinics got a CD with about a dozen FTR files on it and I was asked to convert them to a more ubiquitous format (MP3).  I've got the required software to listen to them and convert to WMA (The Record Player and The Record Manager, respectively), but it seems like it's not recognizing all of the files.  In other words, I've got 11 FTR files in a folder, but when I point the player to that folder, it's only showing two "sessions."  I think this might be because a session can span multiple files (based on the fact that 10 of the files are all about the same size (3,685 KB, give or take 1 KB).  Can someone confirm that this is the case?  I left a voicemail with their customer support line, but I thought someone out there in Teknoids land might be familiar with this application/file type.

Chad Kealey
Instructional Technology Support Coordinator
Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University
Drexel University IRT
ckealey at drexel.edu

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