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Java. It has been around for a while. Now it seems as the development
community gets younger we are seeing many more enterprise ready
applications written in Java and as a result it has started making inroads
into (at least) our infrastructure. It comes with it's own nomenclature,
and raft of systems related challenges which require a learning curve which
may be steep and in some cases look more like a 2 year olds crayon drawing
of Big Bird.

As such we have been casting about for any good documentation on how best
integrate and make it fit into an already diverse systems environment,
general troubleshooting advice, and simply a set of 'best practices'. It
also occurs that the LII is not the first organization to have this
disturbance in the force.

As such I invite anybody with, even the most trivial, interaction in a Java
environment to just respond to this post with any resource you found even
remotely helpful and perhaps some perspective of why it was useful. You can
also respond with resources that were not particularly helpful and should
be avoided. Even if it includes this post.



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