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Wow - that is interesting.  Our Mac students have an easier time, overall, getting everything set up vs. the Windows folks.  The main IT folks require that the Windows users have all service packs updated before the computer will register, which can take hours depending on the last time the student took the time to do this.  While we have a .bat script to get the Windows computers connected to our network printers, the Mac students have a few extra steps to get their computers set up.  Mapping to the network drives is about the same amount of steps.

We're seeing about 50/50 OSX vs. Windows computers for the past three years.  In undergrad land, that number is 75/25 Mac vs. PC.  So - my guess is that we will see many more savvy Mac users in the near future.

I'm also with Paul ... forcing someone to have a particular computer in this day/age of technology feels much more backwards than forwards.  I know we try hard (as technologists) to make the technology part of their law school experience to be as smooth as possible, but at the end of the day, they've made the choice to purchase whatever computer they did - choices and ownership.  They'll figure it out.

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We don't manage our wireless - that's a main campus thing - and in the past only one SSID was open for file/print services. That's an SSID they are trying to decommission so they've limited the available IPs. I think that's problem #1 but apparently unbeknownst to us, they have now opened their preferred SSID for those services. Sure would have been nice to know that before orientation but it will help as we move forward.
Getting on the wireless per se (IP space issues aside) isn't the problem. Experienced Mac users can easily follow our instructions for mapping printers/shares. Having users who've never used a Mac prior to walking into orientation is the real issue. I'm not saying that Macs are harder (or easier) than a Windows laptop. It's just different and for someone who's grown up in a Windows world, it's frustrating to not even know how to find out what version of the OS they are running.
Fortunately, our newest IT person (sorry for your loss, fellow 'noid...you know who you are), just wrote a script that will do their printer mappings so that will be useful in the future. Now on to drive mappings...

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I'm tempted to chalk your experience up to some sort of anomaly. Our Mac students have almost no trouble registering their wireless cards or setting up their accounts. We have two staff members to support our 135 entering students and we handled it fine.

In general, issuing laptops or requiring a particular configuration will, for many reasons, end up creating more problems for you than ever. Whenever you require something like this it will increase you responsibility for everything related to it, including the students' peace of mind. I've got enough on my plate already....


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Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I understand your point but I'm really not trying to solve an IT support issue. I am fortunate to have very competent staff and student employees who are able to work through almost any student laptop issue thrown at them. The frustration is on the law student side and really seems to stem from just not knowing enough about their OS, which just seems odd to me these days.

We provide instructions, both printed and on the Intranet, for setting up wireless and connecting to printers/file shares. We had 8 or 9 of us available to help the less technically competent but even so, one room of Mac owners just didn't get it. They were frustrated and unhappy in spite of our best efforts to make it as painless as possible. While we were able to get them connected after our session, doing one-on-ones, I hate starting off a 1L class with students who think IT is making their life more stressful than it needs to be.

Cyndi Johnson
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Despite the temptation of support ease, I think an attempt to standardize laptops in this era would be misguided. At Richmond, we dropped our default PC package a couple years ago in favor of relatively lax standards mainly focusing on OS (PC or Mac).  (Even at the onset of our mandatory program in '94, we always allowed people to choose their own instead if they wanted.)  We now provide sets of instructions tailored to each of the permitted operating systems for students to set up their wireless connections and register their machines during orientation, with a bunch of support people standing by to offer assistance if needed.

I think switching to a standard box would run so go against the grain of people's relationships with their devices today as to make the school appear tone deaf, a bit repressive, and, frankly, weak in support flexibility.  Moreover, there is (as we found a time or two over the years) the risk of selecting a box with latent problems that can multiply themselves over a big slice of your standardized class and create some serious annoyance vibes amongst your future alumni donors. I wouldn't go that route.


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We welcomed our newest students last Wed - Friday. The noticeable difference this year was the number of students who had shiny new Macs and knew nothing about them. Nada. Couldn't even figure out how to tell what version of the OS they were running. We decided the 'coolness' factor was at play in many cases. We have an hour to get as many students connected via wireless to our network resources (file share and printers) and really had no problem with our Windows users but the Macs were a different story. It wasn't necessarily because they wouldn't work as much as it was lack of basic knowledge about their laptops. First time I've seen that...

So as much as I hate to bring up a topic that this group has chewed up and spit out over and over again, I'm finally ready to ask the Administration to consider issuing standard laptops to our 1Ls. I know other schools are doing this and would like to talk with you off-line before our next Deans meeting. I'm pretty sure I can anticipate the strongest argument against it...our tuition is pretty low and we are proud to be affordable. Raising tuition for any reason is frowned upon and since we raised the tech/copy fee the last two years, many faculty and administrators will not favor yet another increase. While I can certainly discuss reasons why standard laptops are a good idea, hearing success stories and getting input from other schools issuing laptops would be very helpful.

Thanks much,

Cyndi Johnson
Director/Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
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