[teknoids] Apple TV & AirPlay and iPads, oh my!

Tom Ryan tomryan at camlaw.rutgers.edu
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Here's Cisco's take on it (or at least one of their takes)


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What a coincidence, I was just looking at this today. If you're an Aruba Networks shop you may be interested in this: they have something called AirGroup that is aimed directly at this problem. Further, it can customize mDNS visibility by device location and user/device membership. Impressive, but we're a Cisco shop.

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OK, I can't be the only person spouting various expletives because of this…

So, we're upgrading several of our classrooms and elected to install Apple TVs in some of them for our growing number of faculty eager to make better pedagogical use of their iPads and MacBooks via AirPlay. (I can already hear some of you tuning out…) Anyway, it turns out that AirPlay in enterprise network environments is a real nightmare to implement, thanks in large part to Apple's dependence on Bonjour services. Bonjour doesn't play well on complex networks, across subnets, requires multicasting, etc etc blah blah blah. Our campus networking guys said this is a big topic of discussion lately in their circles…and said they can't make it work here at UNC. (You would think I might've known all this ahead of time…and you would be wrong.)

To cut to the chase, have any of you successfully rolled out Apple TVs/AirPlay in your environments? I know Debbie Ginsberg did that great presentation at CALI using Doceri Remote, an app that allows you to connect untethered to a laptop from your iOS device. But since we've already invested in five Apple TVs and don't want to use them only to sit around and watch HD movie trailers…

Some further reading:


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