[teknoids] Fixing a corrupted filename

Jewell, Michael mjewell at law.umaryland.edu
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With the hex editor,  you have to modify the directory list in the partition table,  (it's FAT,  make sure ya modify both copies)  There looks to be a couple how-to guides listed in Google...  modifying a filename should be almost the exact same process as undeleting a file.

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> If its FAT formatted you can load up a trusty DOS hex editor and fix that pesky filename...
> -Mike

Thanks for all the suggestions so far.  In fact, I downloaded a couple of free hex editors and tried this.  No joy but that might be me not knowing what I am doing with them - it's been a while since I had to open up a disk with a hex editor and I never worked with the FAT before.

When I tried Nathan DeGruchy's suggestion about escaping the slash , I realized typing at this hour resulted in my reversing the slash - it's actually a forward slash.  Sigh.

I did try Brandon Abell's idea about transferring it to another OS, but my ftp software was not able to send it up to our Web site host.

I have a feeling we'll go with the backup for this one, but I would still like to know if there is an answer... probably a throwback to my dissolute hex-editor-using youth.

Thanks all,

Bob Sullivan
Schenectady County (NY) Public Library
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