[teknoids] Fixing a corrupted filename

Robert Sullivan robert.g.sullivan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 22:30:01 EDT 2012

O great ones,

I've seen you come up with solutions for a number of off the wall
questions, so here's mine.

I had to recover some files from a flash drive which is going bad.  We
have a backup from a couple of days ago and the problem files
themselves seem OK (maybe we got it early) but have some junk
characters in their names.

The one I haven't been able to fix had the period changed to a
backslash - i.e. test\dbf - and I have not been able to manipulate it
through the command line, wildcards etc.  Even tried to rename it from
my ftp program (WS_FTP) just in case.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Bob Sullivan
Schenectady County (NY) Public Library

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