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James Callison callison at hamilton.law.ou.edu
Thu Oct 6 15:55:27 EDT 2011

On 10/4/2011 1:21 PM, Butler, Jamie wrote:
> Any furniture recommendations?
We're still seeing a decent amount of Lab usage, and we're even looking 
at the possibility of adding another small-ish Lab on the Classroom level.

We've had good luck with Novastations 
(http://www.novadesk.com/productsIMod.asp?ID=6). We currently have fifty 
or so of them in service, and we've had many of them in service since 
'98 (we've added many since then). In that time the students have only 
managed to break three of the keyboard tray mounts--and we've had a few 
gorillas disguised as law students who managed to break loose podiums 
that were bolted to the concrete floor.

Personally, I'm not a fan of them (there's no room to stretch your 
legs), and they aren't favorites of bifocal wearers, but most students 
like the privacy that their design affords. We also don't have to worry 
about the PITA students who like to look at, umm, "offensive" images in 
as obvious a manner as possible, which, in turn, means we don't have to 
listen to the complaints of students who were offended by seeing said 
images. (Of course, that's all _completely_ hypothetical; no law student 
would *ever* do anything like that. Ever.)


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